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  1. Javier

    Hi Gabriel, that was really interesting and encouraging. You are offering a lot of interesting material which requires to some extent a change of mind and some introspective thinking. Sounds encouraging but also challenging. Worth giving it a chance and walking along this path together.
    Looking forward for the next video!

    • Gabriel

      That’s great to know. I hope you will like the next video and the articles on the website.

  2. Gabriele Silten

    Hi Gabriel, I found both videos interesting, but they are, to me, rather common sense. I realize that that may not be true for everyone and you are right that most people are not reflective thinkers. I did find them a bit long, I kept wondering when you’d get to the point. However, I am looking forward to the third video. I have sent the links to my friends and hope that they will at least watch the first three videos. Keep up the good work! Gabriele

    • Gabriel Wilensky

      Thank you for your comments. I wanted to give some context and background to the topic in question, and that’s why they are a little long, as you say. But hopefully all the material there will be useful. Regarding your point about some of that material being common sense, well, I suppose we only need to see how much most people are influenced by what they read and hear to show that if it is indeed common sense, then most people have not really internalized it that way… 🙂

  3. Thomas Braun

    Good day!
    Since I read Gabriel Wilensky’s book http://www.sixmillioncrucifixions.com several years ago and chatted with him in cyberspace, I know him as a passionate, but most importantly, rational and decent observer of history and current events. Gabriel displays high technical, emotional and social intelligences. He is an honest , high-information man with social sensibility. I am 65 years old and have been studying for objetive understanding of the universe since early twenties. Thought Academy’s motto is absolutely true: “Become a better thinker. The future of the world depends on it.” So true. I will leverage Gabriel’s intelectual contribution thru his ThoughtAcademy to hone my critical sense. I encourage readers to leverage as well.


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