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T hought Academy’s mission is to help you become a better critical thinker. We believe that a world in which we apply reason and careful thought to everything we do will be a better world. We believe that when we understand critical thinking concepts and master reasoning skills and apply them to our everyday lives we’ll be more successful. We believe that learning to evaluate arguments will make us better in our relationships both professionally and socially. We believe that a world free of superstition will be a better place for everyone and we’ll help you see this for what it is.

We are here to help you achieve all this by providing you with the tools and guidance you need. As a result, you’ll be able to make better decisions, have a better understanding of the world we live in, achieve better results in tests, enhance your relationships with people and improve your job performance. In the end, you’ll become a better thinker and in the process you will make the world a better place.

Hi! I am Gabriel Wilensky, and I am the founder of Thought Academy. I am also the author of Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust, a book that shows a particularly pernicious consequence of abandoning reason and embracing superstition.

I gave many talks and lectures at schools and universities, as well as many interviews on the radio on many subjects related to superstition, antisemitism, religious obscurantism and the negative repercussions of relinquishing our critical thinking faculties.

Additionally, I worked for many years in the software industry where I applied many of the concepts discussed here to the software development process: expanding the number of ideas, evaluating new ideas, fostering creativity in my team, challenging assumptions, pushing for deeper and systematic analysis, verifying facts, and much more.

As a result of this I was responsible for many successful software products, several of which are being used by many millions of people. Quite a few of these products won many awards and were covered by the media worldwide. Among them are such blockbuster hits as Morph, the Aladdin Activity Center, the Lion King Activity Center, GoPro Studio and the GoPro App.